Zcash (ZEC) miner 1800h/s

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What is Zerocoin?

Zerocoin is a project to fix a major weakness in Bitcoin: the lack of privacy guarantees we take for granted in using credit cards and cash. Our goal is to build a cryptocurrency where your neighbors, friends and enemies can’t see what you bought or for how much.

How Zerocoin works

With the new Zerocash protocol, Zerocoin allows direct anonymous payments between parties. Zerocoin transactions exist alongside the (non-anonymous) Bitcoin currency. Each user can convert (non-anonymous) bitcoins into (anonymous) coins, which we call zerocoins. Users can then send zerocoins to other users, and split or merge zerocoins they own in any way that preserves the total value. Users can also convert zerocoins back into bitcoins, though in principle this is not necessary: all transactions can be made in terms of zerocoins.

Specifications of the Zcash (ZEC)

  • The Aluminium angle frame
  • Celeron G1840 dual core Processor
  • Asrock H81 Pro BTC motherboard/ Biostar TB250
  • 6x AMD Raddeon RX 470/RX570 GPU (SAPPHIRE,MSI,ASUS)
  • Fury DDR3 8GB Memory
  • Kingston 120GB SSD Hard disk
  • EVGA (Crosair)1000w power supply
  • Windows 10 operating system / mineshop mining OS
  • Runs only on 840w power